Sometimes when the encrypted computer does not boot and no rescue CD/USB is available or just for troubleshooting purposes it might be required to use Windows Live CD with BCVE plugin pre-installed. Here is how:

1. Download Windows Live CD with BestCrypt Volume Encryption plugin to another PC

2. Create a bootable USB stick using your favorite ISO burning tool or our favorite:

3. If you decide to use Rufus, here is a quick guide: 

4. Configure the target PC to boot from USB. This can be done by setting USB as the first device in BIOS Boot Order or selecting the USB from Boot Options directly.

5. The system will boot in a Windows-like environment. Click Start --> All Programs --> BestCrypt Volume Encryption

6. BestCrypt Volume Encryption will open. Ignore any error warning messages by closing them.

7. Right-click on volume C: and select 'Decrypt'. You will be prompted for a password, then the decryption process starts.

8. Wait for the process to complete, shut down the Live CD, revert BIOS changes (if any) and boot normally.