BestCrypt Volume Encryption features algorithms to protect its' UEFI boot loader. However it might happen that Windows Update or third-party utilities replace or remove the loader. If that's the case, boot-time prompt for password does not appear when computer is powered on and Windows goes directly to Automatic Repair.

Rescue USB created with BestCrypt Volume Encryption has a module that allows restoring the boot sequence without decrypting volumes . If you have the Rescue USB, please plug it in and configure your PC to boot from USB.

If you don't have the Rescue USB, please click here to download the UEFI loader restoration utility manually. To use the utility unzip the archive and read the readme file for further instructions. Please note that the USB should be formatted with FAT32.

The following text will appear on the screen:

REC_LOADER: Recovering BestCrypt Volume Encryption (BCVE) UEFI Loader

The program will do the following:
  - look for installed BCVE UEFI Loader;
  - check status of the Loader;\r\n" );
  - recover the Loader if needed (confirmation will be required.

Do you want to continue? (Y/N)

Press 'Y'. The program will check consistency of BCVE Boot Loader and re-install it if needed.