Even if someone gets informed that you have a hidden part inside a container file and even if the one can force you to tell the password for it, you can still have another hidden part inside the same outer container.

Note that because of security reasons BestCrypt knows nothing about any hidden parts until you enter a proper password for it. Hence, when you create second, third (and so on) hidden parts, you should enter passwords for all other hidden parts created earlier. Otherwise, BestCrypt, being not aware of earlier created hidden parts, may overwrite them. 

To create second hidden part inside a container, start from the same steps as you did when the first hidden part was created - open container's Properties dialog and Hidden part properties page, and click Get free space map

 button to let the program mount the outer container and calculate how many space is available for the hidden part:

Now, before you create the new hidden part, click Validate and enter the password for the existing hidden part. BestCrypt will exclude the disk space allocated by the existing hidden part from available space.

In the example shown on the picture above: total free space inside the outer container is 41,3 MB. The validated hidden part allocated 11,2 MB. Thus, the disk space available for the new hidden part is 30,1 MB.

After this operation, you can set the desired size of the new hidden part and click Create.